A traditional cheese specialty:

Bianco – buttery mild delight, especially popular with children

Made according to an artisanal Bavarian recipe, Bianco is a buttery mild cheese specialty. Only the best milk and choice ingredients from our Bavarian home region are used to make Bianco an outstanding culinary delight. Known for its buttery soft consistency, it is a favourite among discerning cheese lovers and children alike.

  • Made from highest-quality milk from the Alps in Bavaria
  • Discover a wide variety of flavours at your deli cheese counter
  • Lactose- and gluten-free
  • Semi-hard cheese with especially creamy melting characteristics
  • Highly suitable for melting and ideal for toasting or baking over “au gratin” dishes
  • Ideal for refining salad or as a finishing touch for delicate sauces
  • Also popular as a breakfast cheese for children
  • Suggested wine

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Background information

A cheese-making tradition stretching back over 100 years