Knowledge of cheese

Welcome, cheese lovers! Find out how best to store cheese, how to decorate a lovely cheese platter, and why cheese is a very valuable foodstuff. Our Cheese Encyclopaedia compiles interesting facts about cheese for you. In addition, find out abut the best combination of cheese & wine, and about how cheese is made.

Tip: How to store cheese

This is how quality is maintained

How do I store cheese correctly? Which is the correct packaging material?


Tip: Cheese & wine

Which wine matches which cheese?

The choice of wine is just as wide as the choice of cheese.


Tip: How to decorate a cheese platter

How can I decorate a lovely cheese platter?

If you wish to serve up a cheese buffet you can cater for various tastes depending on the selection.


Cheese and nutrition

Is cheese healthy?

Cheese is not only one of the oldest human food, it is also one of the most valuable.


The craft of cheese-making


We combine traditional cheese-making processes with modern production technologies.


Types of Cheese

What types of cheese are there?

There are around 6,000 different types of cheese worldwide, and each product has ...


Cheese encyclopedia

Everything about cheese

From alpine milk to white mould.