A cheese-making tradition stretching back over 100 years

For over a century, the art of cheese-making has been practised and continuously improved at Bergader. In the process, modern production techniques and the experience of our master cheese-makers in producing and ripening our different cheese varieties work hand in hand. This approach results in cheese specialities that provide an authentic taste experience and optimal quality.

Our dairy produces spicy blue mould cheeses, delicious soft cheeses like Bonifaz and a wide variety of semi-hard cheese types. These products are cherished by fans of the Bavarian way of life throughout Europe and beyond. Producing good cheese is all about experience and intuitive knowledge of all relevant processes.

Even today, there are still many important steps in the process that our Bergader master cheese-makers carry out by hand. One important example includes touching and sizing up the cheese curd after cutting the curdled milk to judge whether the product is ready for the next step in the process. Determining the correct curd size requires years of experience on behalf of our specialists. Ultimately, this level of individual attention has a considerable influence on the quality of the cheese.

Here’s how great cheese develops:
  • The starting point for all good cheese is the milk
  • Other key factors include a calm atmosphere, regular check-ups and care for the cheese, optimal room temperature and correct humidity levels during the ripening process
  • An enjoyable, high-quality cheese can only be guaranteed if everything from the milk all the way to the final product is no less than perfect
  • Bergader combines the knowledge of traditional cheese-making craftsmanship with the insights of the most up to date dairy technology
  • Each cheese speciality leaving our premises is in line with the highest quality standards