Background information

From humble beginnings to a cheese-making legacy

Our company’s founder, Basil Weixler, was the first German cheese-maker to develop a blue-veined cheese recipe shortly after the end of World War I. He named his creation “Bayerischer Gebirgs-Roquefort” (“Bavarian Mountain Roquefort”) due to its similarity to the French Roquefort cheese, which was gaining popularity at the time.

Although he produced his cheese from cow’s milk – as opposed to sheep’s milk in the mode of French Roquefort – cheese-makers across the border launched legal proceedings to protect their original version. Ultimately, the French were intent on prohibiting further use of their product’s name.

Eight years down the road, the innovative cheese-maker ended up losing the case in court, but he had gained considerable popularity with his flavourful cheese in the meantime. The press had reported extensively and in great detail on this sensational legal case, and the public was anticipating the cheese-maker’s next move.

This marked the start of the cheese known as Bergader Edelpilz. The blue-veined cheese would prove Weixler’s greatest triumph – and ongoing legacy. Even today, Bergader Edelpilz remains available in shops in exactly the same form.