The quality and provenance of Bergader cheese

Besides the recipes and traditional cheese-making craft, the secret of Bergader cheese is invariably the exceedingly tasty, high-quality milk used at Bergader Privatkäserei. The highest standards of quality, adherence to sustainability in the company, and a close relationship with our dairy farmers are our top priorities.

Milk quality

"A good cheese grows in the pasture."

The commitment and experience of all Bergader milk producers ensures that we only work with tasty and high-quality milk.


Where does our milk come from?

All good cheese starts with the milk.

The foothills of the Bavarian Alps are our dairy farmers' home. Find out the exact provenance of our Bergader speciality cheeses.


Quality & environment

Bergader takes over responsibility

Long-term acting and thinking is the supreme principle in each of our business units, whether it’s a matter of product quality, dealings with employees, milk suppliers and customers, or about the sparing use of our environment’s resources.


A visit to a dairy farmer

Martin Thaller is one of Bergader's milk suppliers.

His farm in the picturesque Upper Bavarian Alpine Foreland has a long tradition. His father and grandfather also supplied milk to the Bergader. The relationship of genuine trust with the cheese dairy continues to this day.


Vitual tour at a dairy farmer's


Take a 360° tour to discover one of the Bergader dairy farms, and enjoy a virtual visit to the cowshed, the pasture and the calves.