A visit to a dairy farmer

Martin Thaller is one of Bergader's milk suppliers.

His farm in the picturesque Upper Bavarian Alpine Foreland has a long tradition. His father and grandfather also supplied milk to the Bergader. The relationship of genuine trust with the cheese dairy continues to this day. The extensive well-lit pen on the farm accommodates around 50 cows; they scrutinise all visitors carefully. An atmosphere beneficial to the cows is created by providing lots of fresh air and lying boxes sprinkled with straw and also brushes which allow the cows the pleasure of scratching their backs. The feed - hay and grass silage - comes from the farm itself.  

The Bergader collection truck visits the farm once a day and picks up the freshly produced milk. The farmer proudly points out a very special award. His farm was awarded the "Weiße Band der Milchelite" ("White sash of the milk elite") by the DLG (German Agricultural Society). Farmers who have provided top quality milk for over five years receive this award. Martin Thaller: "I work with great care 365 days per year to achieve this. This requires consistently good feed, meticulous hygiene during milking and taking time to look after my cows. Only healthy animals can provide the best milk."

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