Quality is decisive

Milk with provenance

Rolling hills, rich, green pastures full of fragrant herbs and the panorama of the Alps in the background. Bergader is located in the charming landscape of the Bavarian Alpine Foreland. Our contractual farmers provide fresh milk in this natural setting which is used in the manufacture of the delicious Bergader cheese specialities.

All good cheese starts with the milk.

We don't just focus on high-quality during the cheese making process; we also work closely on the quality of the precious milk with our milk producers. Ultimately fresh milk is the most important ingredient for all Bergader cheese specialities.

"A good cheese grows in the pasture."

The farms of the 1,700 or so Bergader milk suppliers are located in the breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape of the Bavarian Alps. Hay and grass are found pastures rich in herbs here. This is very important to us as milk tastes different in every region as the feed bases differ.

The commitment and experience of all Bergader milk producers ensures that we only work with tasty and high-quality milk. There are fixed and trusted supply relationships between Bergader and our milk suppliers which go back generations, passed on from father to son.

The Bergader milk regions include Rupertiwinkel/Burghausen, Chiemgau, the Innviertel in Upper Austria, parts of the Bavarian Uplands and the Schliersee region. Here the locals and tourists can enjoy an unspoiled landscape with clean air while the cows enjoy rich, green pastures with fresh grass and herbs.