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Product quality and environmental protection are tightly entwined
Sustainability Report

As a family firm with a 111-year history, the issue of sustainability is practically in our DNA. Long-term acting and thinking is the supreme principle in each of our business units, whether it’s a matter of product quality, dealings with employees, milk suppliers and customers, or about the sparing use of our environment’s resources.

We aim to continually develop in terms of sustainable company management in a purposeful way. We document the progress of this development in a Sustainability Report, which we have an independent expert assess every year.

To give the interested general public an insight into major developments and progress in our company as well, we are hereby publishing our Sustainability Report for the first time.

Bergader Sustainability Report 2013 (in German)

Milk quality

Exceptionally good cheese begins with exceptionally good milk. That is why we at Bergader attach great importance to close, long-term collaboration with our milk suppliers. We use only the milk from our farmers under contract in our cheese production. They total about 1,850 dairy farms in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and in the Innviertel of Austria.

As our milk producers have been given intensive advice and assistance over many years, the quality of our collected and processed milk is higher in terms of stability and constancy than the average in Bavaria and Germany.

Over 99 per cent of our  Bergader milk suppliers achieve the top quality ratings of “S” or “1” with their milk in the prescribed quality tests.

Quality management

The consistently high quality of all Bergader cheese specialities has always been a key component of our company philosophy.

In view of the constantly increasing demands for quality and product safety as well as the growing complexity in practically every business unit, we decided 20 years ago to introduce a standardised quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001 in the company. When we were certified in August 1994 we became the first cheese dairy in Germany to undergo this examination.

Since then we have continually developed our quality management system and adapted it to the changing in-house and external requirements. So we feel we are well equipped for the challenges of the future, too.

Environmental management

As a firm solidly rooted in the region, we realised at any early stage that assuming responsibility for the impact of our activity on the environment was a key part of our long-term company planning. We were one of the first companies in our region to commit ourselves to taking environmental protection measures above and beyond the legal requirements.

Our environmental management system was first validated under the guidelines of the EC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in 1998. Since then we have been documenting our environmental impact and measures for improvement in the environmental statement we draw up every year. With the re-validation under EMAs in 2013 our environmental statement was integrated for the first time in a Sustainability Report.

Food standards

For us as food manufacturers in the milk-processing industry, food safety and consumer protection have traditionally been our primary obligation to comply with very high standards of hygiene and microbiology right through to meeting ethical requirements.

These high standards are audited externally by an independent certification company in line with the rigorous stipulations of the International Food Standard (IFS). When the IFS started in 2003 we were certified straight away for the first time. Our trade customers require us to have this certificate for us to supply them, and at the same time it documents the high safety level of our cheese specialities.

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