Bavaria blu packaging design, then and now

published on Friday, 26.06.2014

When it was invented by our master cheese-makers in 1972, Bavaria blu was an absolute sensation – the first cheese ever with both blue and white fine mould. Bavaria blu has remained true to itself since then, and is still the same irresistible blue cheese speciality that became an instant classic more than 40 years ago.

Whilst Bavaria blu has stayed the same, its packaging has adapted time and again to contemporary taste. The first Bavaria blu was very playful and ornate – the way they liked it in the 70s – and the successor design used from the end of 1988 to the late 90s was still very true to the original design.

In the 1990s there followed a rather more extensive adjustment to the design: Bavaria blu acquired a new, modern, minimalist look. The brand name lettering and the unmistakable reference to the Bavarian origin were kept.

This packaging was revamped again in 1998. Since then the local Bergader mountain – the Watzmann – has been visible on the packaging.

Bavaria blu has had its current look since 2003. On the deli counter, half moon, and mini round versions, behind the blue packaging and the unmistakable lettering there is always an unforgettable pleasure!