Bergader Info Bites: Pasteurised milk

Published on Thursday, 18. September 2014

Do you actually know what raw milk cheese is? Or why sometimes you hear about cheese made from unpasteurised milk? And more than anything: is it important for you to know the difference?


Cheese made of untreated, unheated milk is called raw milk cheese. With most milk products the raw milk is however heated for a few seconds after delivery to kill off unwanted bacteria. Depending on the temperature used this process is called pasteurisation (heating up to 75° C) or thermisation (heating up to 68° C). 

If cheese is made of raw milk and not pasteurised milk, by law it must be marked as such, i.e. it must say “made of raw milk” on the packaging. If it does not say “made of raw milk” you can assume that the cheese was made of pasteurised or thermised milk. This information is particularly important for pregnant women, the elderly and small children, or people with a weak immune system. Raw milk cheese can pose a health risk for these people. 

All Bergader cheese specialities are produced from pasteurised milk, with the exception of Bergader Edelpilz, which is thermised.