Info bites: Rennet

Published on Friday, 22. August 2014

Today’s info bite is about rennet. What is rennet, why is rennet needed in the manufacture of cheese, and what kind of rennet does Bergader use for its cheese specialities?

Rennet is the name of the enzyme responsible for milk coagulating or curding in the production of cheese. It is absolutely essential in cheese-making. Four different types of rennet are licensed for use: natural calf rennet, microbial, vegetable and genetically engineered rennet. 

Bergader uses exclusively natural and microbial rennet. 

The decision whether to use natural or microbial rennet depends on the type of cheese. As the various types of rennet have a differing effect on different types of cheese as regards quality, taste and shelf-life, in each case we use the rennet that guarantees the best possible quality. For our Bergader Edelpilz and Bavaria blu tasty blue we use microbial rennet, for all other Bergader cheese specialities we use natural calf rennet.