Our cheese dairy

For those savouring the Bavarian way of life

Feeling the curd

Our cheese dairy produces aromatic blue mould cheeses, tasty soft cheeses and a variety of semi-hard cheese assortments. These are products appreciated by people savouring the Bavarian way of life all over Europe and worldwide.

Above all, making good cheese takes great experience and the right touch. Even today, the Bergader master cheese makers carry out a number of important tasks themselves. Take, for example, the task of feeling the curd after cutting the curdled milk. Determining the right curd size - which has a great influence on cheese quality - requires an expert’s long-standing experience.

The art of making of real cheese treats

Each cheese type requires its own particular ripening conditions.

A good cheese develops its magic during ripening. The cheese wheels need tranquillity, regular attention, perfect room temperature and the right humidity to create exceptional flavours. Only if everything is perfect - from the milk to the final product - can a real cheese treat develop.

In order to achieve this, Bergader combines the knowledge of the traditional art of cheese making with state-of-the-art technical expertise.

Quality and security

Complex microbiological, chemical and physical quality controls take place during the entire production process. This way we make sure that every cheese specialty we deliver fulfils the highest quality standards.

In the cheese dairy we add ripening cultures and acid cultures grown specifically for our products to the milk as well as - depending on the product - blue and white mould cultures. Bergader has always used natural rennet for curdling.

Provenance of our milk

Discover where the milk for our cheeses comes from and why the provenance of the milk is so important


Good cheese is our passion

Only the best cheeses deserve the Bergader seal. To guarantee this quality standard, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern dairy technology ...