What are processed cheese and cheese spread preparations?

The development of processed cheese can be traced back to the request of the cheese exporting countries to make the cheese more durable. It should be sent to all corners of the globe without any reduction in quality. At the start of the 20th century Emmental cheese was "melted down" in Switzerland for the first time with the help of citric acid salts. This resulted in a product which is available in many different versions today.

There are precise regulations for the production of cheese spread with regard to the quality of the cheeses used. Today these are manufactured with the addition of 2-3% emulsifying salts and other ingredients like cream, butter, whey powder and also salami or ham and spicy ingredients like gherkins, peppers or herbs and also water depending on the degree of solidity which is desired. The cheese is heated and stirred constantly and then filled in moulds and cooled in cooling tunnels.