Made according to a traditional recipe by our master cheese-makers:

Bonifaz - the creamy-tender soft cheese in a variety of flavours

Bonifaz is a soft cheese specialty offering a wide spectrum of delightful flavours. Made exclusively from locally sourced natural milk, Bonifaz is made with great care by our Bergader master cheese-makers.

Bonifaz has its namesake in the legendary archbishop Bonifatius, a patron of Bavarian Benedict monasteries, which he enjoyed for their hospitality. And his favourite fare during his numerous was delicious Bavarian cheese, of course.

  • Made from highest-quality milk from the Bavarian Alps
  • Discover a wide variety of flavours at your deli cheese counter
  • Lactose- and gluten-free (only the Wild Mushroom variety contains traces of gluten)
  • Manufactured entirely without additives or preservatives
  • Can be enjoyed on rustic bread
  • The perfect addition to cheese platters and a brunch favourite
  • Suitable for a wide variety of cold and hot dishes and for refining sauces or dressings

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