What makes Bavaria blu exceptional?

Interview with master cheese-maker Bernhard Niedermaier
We only use fresh milk from the Chiemgau area for our Bavaria blu, and we still produce it according to the traditional artisanal recipe. In addition to experience and lots of care, intuition and passion for the product are also required.
More than 40 years of success with Bavaria blu: a milestone for a new generation of blue-veined cheeses.
What is the secret of Bavaria blu's success, and how is this unique mouth-watering treat made?

It’s in the balanced combination and the perfectly coordinated ripening of blue mould – which is full of character – and the soft, mild white mould cheese. Creating the balance between the cheese cultures was right at the heart of the craftsmanship that led to the creation of Bavaria blu. The combination of the two different types of mould allows the cheese to ripen into an extraordinary treat. If you get the chance, make sure to try it!

Which aspects require particular attention when producing Bavaria blu?

One thing is for certain: As a time-proven “aristocrat” among soft cheese specialities, Bavaria blu is a highly sophisticated cheese speciality. One example is the finely spiced Bavaria blu 150 g. In addition to being made from the best milk, its balanced quality above all calls for careful handling of the cheese mould cultures and optimal climate control in the ripening chambers. Once the cheese is ready, the outside will be covered by a velvety white mould coating while its mild, creamy inside structure is pervaded by fine, spicy blue mould specifically developed by our master cheese-makers.

What role do milk and milk quality play in the production of Bavaria blu?

The most important raw material for Bavaria blu is the fresh milk from our local farms. We cultivate very close relationships with our milk suppliers. Bavaria blu requires the highest levels in milk quality, which makes a crucial contribution to the special taste experience.

Bavaria blu can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. Here are a few tips.

Bavaria blu is delicious by itself, with crackers or as a topping on bread, sandwiches or melted on top of hamburgers. It is also very suitable for adding a baked “au gratin” topping to a wide range of dishes. 

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