Dairy farmers by region


Rupertiwinkel / Burghausen

Within the beautifully appointed landscape of the Rupertiwinkel (up to 827 m above sea level) and close to the old royal city of Burghausen in south-eastern Bavaria there are around 520 farms, which supply Bergader with milk for its cheese specialities.


Chiemgau, a magical landscape characterised by a rustic atmosphere and farming, is home to approximately 190 dairy farmers, who provide milk for the production of Bergader cheese specialities. A region in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland which is also extremely popular with tourists.

Bavarian Uplands

The idyllic Bavarian Uplands and their charming landscape form part of the Bavarian Alpine Foreland region. Around 410 dairy farmers from this primarily rural region provide the Bergader with milk for the production locations in Waging am See and Bad Aibling.


The Innviertel between Passau and Salzburg stretches along the Inn river to the south of the Danube. Around 350 dairy farmers from the impressive and fertile hilly landscape of the Alpine Foreland provide milk for the Bergader in Waging am See.


Approximately 250 dairy farms are located in the Schliersee, Fischbachau, Bayrischzell and Irschenberg areas. The farmers often keep fewer than 20 cows. The mountain pastures in the region are unique habitats with a plethora of unusual grasses, wildflowers and Alpine herbs.

Good cheese is our passion

Only the best cheeses deserve the Bergader seal. To guarantee this quality standard, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern dairy technology ...