Welcome to Bergader Privatkäserei

Basil Weixler laid the foundation for Bergader Privatkäserei in 1902. Since then, Bergader has been making speciality cheeses like Bavaria blu, Bonifaz, Bergader Edelpilz and Bianco from the best Bavarian milk.

Our cheese dairy

Traditional cheese craft for maximum cheese pleasure

Above all, making good cheese takes great experience and the right touch.


Bergader's history

“A good company is like a good cheese. It matures.”

In 1902, Basil Weixler laid the foundation for today’s Bergader by opening a small cheese dairy in his village.


Bergader News

News from Bergader Privatkäserei

Find out all the news on Bergader Privatkäserei products and the company itself here.

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Bergader's Cheese Shop

At the heart of the idyllic holiday resort, Waging am See, lies the new Mecca for the lovers of Bavarian cheese.



Proximity to customers & customer benefit

We not only make exceedingly good cheese, we also do our utmost to enable so many people to enjoy it. Our customers' wishes and requirements are at the forefront of our considerations.


Provenance of our milk

Discover where the milk for our cheeses comes from and why the provenance of the milk is so important