Our Cheese Dairy

For Those Who Love the Bavarian Way of Life

Our cheese dairy produces tangy blue mould cheese, deliciously creamy soft cheese and a variety of hard cheeses. Products, which are held in high esteem by those who love the Bavarian way of life – worldwide. Producing good cheese has a lot to do with experience and instinct. Still today, there are many important steps that Bergader’s cheese makers perform themselves. Feeling the cheese curd after breaking down the curdled milk is one of the tasks that needs the touch of our highly experienced specialists. Identifying the right curd size has a huge impact on cheese quality.

The Traditional Art of Cheese-making for the Best-Tasting Cheese

The magic of cheese-making occurs at the maturing stage. The right ripening cultures, lots of rest, regular checks on the cheese wheel, the optimum room temperature and right humidity are all critical to achieving the perfect taste. Only once everything is perfect, from the milk to the finished product, can you truly experience the wonderful taste of a great cheese. Bergader’s expertise in traditional cheese-making combined with state-of-the-art cheese dairy technology is behind that exceptional taste.

Premium Quality Cheese Production

Complex microbiological, chemical and physical quality testing underpins the entire production process at Bergader This way we can be sure that every one of our cheeses leaves us in perfect condition. In the cheese dairy, we add ripening and acid cultures grown especially for us to our milk, as well as blue and white mould cultures according to the product. Bergader Privatkäserei uses exclusively microbial rennet for curdling the milk.


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