Bergader's history

“A good company is like a good cheese. It matures.”

Charlotte Steffel, daughter of Basil Weixler, founder of the company.

In 1902, Basil Weixler laid the foundation for today’s Bergader by opening a small cheese dairy in his village.

With his keen sense of popular tastes, he developed a cheese similar to Roquefort in the 1920s. The name he chose for this cheese - Bavarian Mountain Roquefort - resembled the French cheese type too obviously, though.

Innovative products for the deli counter

While Basil Weixler lost the lawsuit that followed, he became popular thanks to the detailed press coverage of his case. He launched Bergader Edelpilz, a cheese that has not been modified since then. Creativity and innovation characterised the company from its founding years through the 1960s, when many innovative products were developed for the deli counter.

When Bavaria blu was launched in 1972, the company managed to create the epitome of a new generation of blue mould cheeses.

Bergader was the first German cheese dairy to receive the “Goldener Zuckerhut” in 1979, a sought-after award in the German food industry, for this corporate achievement.

Today, Bergader is the market leader in Germany for deli counter products, increasingly entering the self-service-shelf market.

The company’s success is based on the concept of offering top-quality specialties. And one thing will never change: Bergader has been and will always be family-owned.

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